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The terms “Placement Coordinator” and “Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia” refer to Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia. The term “Host Family” refers to the family requesting introductions to Nannies, Babysitters, Elderly Companions, Au Pairs or Demi -Pairs through Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia. The Terms and Conditions below will apply to all agreements between host family and Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia. Full acceptance of these terms and conditions will be considered complete, following the appropriate completion of application forms, interview process and successful placement of and Nanny, Babysitter, Elderly Companion, Au Pair or Demi Pair.

The host family recognizes that the placement coordinator acts solely on an introductory basis between the host family and prospective Nanny/ Babysitter/ Elderly Companion, Au Pairs/Demi-Pairs.

The host family agrees that under no circumstances will Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia be considered to have an employer/employee agreement with either party (Host family or Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair/Demi-Pair)
The host family confirms that all questions have been answered honestly and all information provided to Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia is both accurate and current as of the time of application. Every host family must provide a current police clearance (Valid in the last 3 months) for every adult (18+) residing in the family home.

The host family agrees to pay an initial deposit of $150 via bank deposit prior to their interview with an Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia representative whether that interview be in person, by phone or via Skype. The deposit fee will be deducted from the final placement fee following a successful placement.

The host family accepts that no profiles will be forwarded to them until the initial $150 interview fee has been received by the placement coordinator. Upon receipt of the deposit Au Pair Network Australia will forward any appropriate applicants they may have on file and it is the host families’ choice as to which applicants they would like to interview.

It is the host families’ responsibility to collect their Au Pair /Demi Pair from the airport unless the Demi Pair has arranged an airport transfer through the school they are enrolled in.

The host family agrees to make every effort to resolve any differences that may arise with their Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair/Demi-Pair. All information must be emailed to the Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia stating the reasons why the placement has or isn’t working hasn’t worked out.

In the event of a serious breach of trust or other major problem the placement coordinator will mediate between the placement coordinator host family and Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair/Demi-Pair.

In the event no a positive solution cannot be reached between parties either party and the host family wishes to cancel their Au Pair/Demi-Pair’s the placement, they understand that they are required to give two weeks written notice of that intent, and stating the reasons for the decision to both the Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair/Demi-Pair and Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia. Should the Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au pair/ Demi Pair wish to leave terminate the host family placement, we also expect a two week notice period.

Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia will make every endeavor to find a replacement Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair/Demi Pair for the host family if there are au pairs candidates available suited to the host families’ requirements.
The host family will not hold Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia liable for any loss, damage or injury caused to persons or property from any act or omission on the part of their Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair or Demi-Pair.

The host family accepts that they need to allow a “settling” period for their Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair/Demi-Pair to adjust to their new environment and role,. and will treat their A Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair/Demi Pair should be treated as a member of the family.

In the event that the host family requires a replacement Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair/Demi-Pair they understand the host family understands that one suited to their requirements may not be readily available. The host family accepts that Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia will make every endeavor to find a replacement as quickly as possible. If no replacement is available, the host family may choose to terminate the search with Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia. A reimbursement of a portion of the placement fee paid may be applicable in this event. However, this reimbursement is


All Reimbursements are subject to the terms below:

  • A none-refundable amount of $250 for administrative fees on ALL placements.
  • Costs incurred by Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia or an by a live in Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair/Demi-Pair in relocating the Au Pair/Demi-Pair from the family home to temporary accommodation.
  • A reimbursement Will will not apply after the initial two months settling in period for an Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair or Demi-Pair unless the termination is due to a serious breach of established guidelines.
    It Will will be limited to $65 for each month of the placement that is not fulfilled.
  • Where there are reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a breach of program guidelines, host family treatment of their Au Pair/Demi-Pair is deemed to be less than satisfactory or terms of the Au Pair program have not been adhered to as agreed with Au Pair and placement coordinator no refund or replacement will be offered.
  • Should the client elect to cancel a placement after an Au Pair/Demi-Pair has been selected the placement fee is non refundable, excepting in exceptional circumstances.


The host family agrees to make full payment of the placement fee of $700 for a six month period, to Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia upon acceptance of an Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair/Demi-Pair introduced to them by Au pair & Nanny Network Australia. Payment will be made within 24 hours of acceptance of the Au Pair/Demi-Pair placement via bank deposit. Additional weeks to be confirmed and invoiced at $75 ppm.

The host family understands that the placement co-ordinator will issue them with an invoice with all costs and applicable deductions itemized at the time of placement.

The client accepts that Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia acts solely as an introductory placement coordinator and that it is the host family’s own responsibility to ensure that they comply with any legal obligations within their own sState or tTerritory. These obligations may include but are not limited to, Insurance, Workers Compensation Cover and Working with Children Checks.

Worker’s Compensation
Each sState system differs, please refer to the relevant website below for your sState or tTerritory.
NSW – WorkCover NSW www.workcover.nsw.gov.au
ACT – Worksafe ACT www.worksafety.act.gov.au
QLD – WorkCover Queensland www.workcoverqld.com.au
ViC – WorkSafe Victoria www.workcover.vic.gov.au
SA – WorkCover SA www.workcover.com
TAS – WorkCover Tasmania www.workcover.tas.gov.au
WA – WorkCover WA www.workcover.wa.gov.au
NT – NT WorkSafe www.worksafe.nt.gov.au

Working with Children Check
Again these checks and requirements vary state to state so please refer to the relevant information on the link below. This is a legal obligation.


The host family accepts that all information provided by Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia within the guidebooks and all written or verbal communications is on a good faith basis. The host family will not hold Au pair & Nanny Network Australia, it’s employees or partner placement coordinators liable for any course of action taken by the host family with regards to advice given, information supplied or statements made within Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia material. Materials supplied within handbooks are “Guidelines” only and in no way should they be considered legal policy. It is the host family’s own responsibility to decide on appropriate rules and guidelines relevant to their individual family requirements. There is no intention to create a contractual, employment or legal relationship between the host family and Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au pair/Demi pair. The host family and Au pairs intentions are to take part of a cultural exchange program for the Au pair/Demi Pair to experience family life in Australia and for the host family to embrace the different culture with that of a big sister role.

The host family accepts that the Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia does not recommend Au pairs or demi pairs care for children under the age of two years but should the a family wish to continue with the such an application and in hosting an Au pair/demi pair it is entirely at their discretion and Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia accepts no responsibility should this be the case.
The host family will provide a written confirmation of placement stating the length of placement, and basic outline of expected role for Nanny/Babysitter/ Elderly Companion/Au Pair/Demi Pair within the family. Placement confirmation is to be signed by both parties prior to any flights or travel arrangements being made. A copy of placement confirmation will be kept on file at Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia. This invitation is signed to acknowledge the above relationship and gives the Au pair/Demi pair a final overview prior to booking flights to Australia. All motivations are to be that of a cultural exchange program.

Live in Placements - The host family must provide;

  • A furnished room for the Au Pair/Dem-Pairs personal use. Au Pair/Demi Pairs are NOT to be expected to share a room with children.
  • Full board seven days a week. (3 meals a day)
  • Weekly “Pocket money” including any extra hours Au pair is required in accordance with placement confirmation. (Except for Demi pairs unless exceeding the 15 hours)
  • A bonus on successful completion of the full duration of placement at a minimum of one weeks’ pocket money. (Au Pairs only)
  • Two weeks notice, with pocket money, if cancellation of placement is required.
  • Appropriate cover and access to an insured and safe vehicle if the Au Pair/Demi Pair is required to drive in terms of placement.
  • Allow a “settling” period where guidance and support is offered until the Au Pair/Demi Pair fully understands the workings of your particular family (two months max).

Au Pair Network Australia’s handbook, given to each host family provides some very good tips to assist you at this time.
Clear instruction on what is acceptable disciplinary action allowed to be taken by the Nanny/Babysitter/Au Pair/Demi Pair and for more serious disciplinary matters to be discussed with the host family.

In the event that the host family requires their Nanny/Babysitter/ Elderly Companion/Au Pair/Demi Pair to drive it is their responsibility to assess their driving ability of their chosen Au Pair/ Demi Pair. The host family will ensure that the Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair/ Demi pair is a named driver on their insurance policy.
Any claim against the Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair/ Demi Pair for uninsured damages or excess shall be limited to $500, provided that ‘negligent operation of a motor vehicle’ has been established. “Negligent operation’ may be considered if the Au Pair/Demi Pair Driver has been or is about to be issued with an infringement notice or driving suspension in relation to the incident.

Should the Nanny/Babysitter/Elderly Companion/Au Pair/Demi Pair be the cause of an accident “negligent operation’ will apply only if the accident has been witnessed and confirmed in writing by an unbiased third party.
The host family will be responsible for paying any excess relating to an insurance claim. If the Nanny/Babysitter/ Elderly Companion/Au Pair/ Demi Pair is not listed on the damaged vehicles insurance cover the host family will be liable for the full cost of any damage.


A WARM and WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT from day one to end of placement. Remember your Au Pair/Demi-Pair is intended to be part of the family!

We confirm we have answered all questions honestly and all information we have provided in the application is true.