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The terms ‘Placement coordinator’ refers to Au Pair Network Australia or their partner/s.

The Terms and Conditions below will apply to all agreements between Demi Pairs and Au Pair Network Australia and the respective host family. Full acceptance of these terms and conditions will be considered complete, following the appropriate completion of application forms, interview process and successful placement with a host family.

The Demi Pair agrees that under no circumstances will Au Pair Network Australia be considered to have an employer/employee agreement with either party (Host Family or Demi Pair)

The Demi Pair confirms that all questions have been answered honestly and all information provided to Au Pair Network Australia is both accurate and current as of the time of application.

ALL Demi Pairs must have a recent police certificate from their home country.

The Demi Pair recognizes that living with their host family is an integral part of their cultural experience. As such they should be prepared to assimilate into the family and not expect special treatment. While a host family may offer to provide certain food or comfort items to make their Demi Pair feel more at home it should not be expected that special food will be provided.

The Demi Pair accepts that they need to allow a “settling” period to adjust to their new environment and role, and will act as an active member of the family.

The Demi Pair agrees that they are fitting into a family environment, not there to be an extra burden for the host family and therefore will not make unnecessary or unreasonable demands on their host families generosity.

The Demi Pair accepts that all information provided by the Au pair Network Australia within the guidebooks and all written or verbal communications is on a good faith basis. The Demi Pair will not hold the Au pair Network Australia, it’s employees or partner placement coordinators liable for any course of action taken by the Host Family with regards to advice given, information supplied or statements made within Au Pair Network Australia material. Materials supplied within handbooks are “Guidelines” only and in no way should they be considered legal policy.

The Demi Pair will not hold Au Pair Network Australia liable for any loss, damage or injury caused to persons or property from any act or omission on the part of the host family.

It is the Demi Pairs responsibility to ensure they hold the correct license to drive a vehicle in Australia. However, the Host Family is to assess their Demi Pairs driving ability prior to giving them access to a vehicle for either personal or work related use. It is also the responsibility of the Host Family to ensure that their Demi Pair is listed as a named driver on any insurance policy relating to any vehicles they may be required to drive.

All Demi Pairs in Australia must comply with relevant working with children checks within the state that they are placed. These requirements vary across the states so you must check with your Host Family regarding any forms you may need to complete.

The Demi Pair agrees to make every effort to resolve any differences that may arise with their Host family. In the event of a serious breach of trust or other major problem the Agency will mediate between the Host Family and the Demi Pair. In the event no positive solution can be reached between parties and the Host Family wishes to cancel their Demi Pair’s placement they recognize that they are required to give two weeks written notice of that intent, and reasons for the decision to both the Demi Pair and Au Pair Network Australia. Au Pair Network Australia will make every endeavor to find a replacement family for the Demi Pair if one is available. However, Au Pair Network Australia cannot guarantee a family will be readily available.

In the event of wanting to change host families the Demi Pair understands that there is an additional fee of $150 and that there may not always be a suitable host family available.

Code of Conduct:

Drugs and Alcohol:
You may never consume alcohol nor be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs when children are in your care. The use of illicit drugs at any time is grounds for instant cancellation of your participation in the Demi Pair program.

Most families require non-smokers. How ever if you are a smoker you must adhere to the wishes of the family in regards to where you can and cannot smoke within the family environment.

The privacy of the family is of utmost importance. Personal and business affairs of the families are not to be discussed with other classmates under any circumstances. Any issues you may have need to be addressed through your family and a representative of Au Pair Network Australia.

Visits of friends:
Never invite friends to the family home with out first obtaining the permission of the host family.

Your hygiene and that of the children in your care is to be of a high standard at all times. General cleanliness of the children, and good grooming habits are to be encouraged always.

You will be expected to perform your duties as prescribed by your host family in exchange for your bed, board (15 hours work in return for bed and board). The opportunity may arise to earn some “pocket” money for doing some additional hours of assistance at the request of the family (usually at a rate of $12 per extra hour). Failure to fulfil the hours per week specified in your placement confirmation is grounds for cancellation of the placement. Duties may include (but are not limited to) tasks such as general housework, caring for the children, walking the family dog and cooking evening meals.

Always communicate with your host family. Ensure they are aware of any plans you may have i.e.; whether or not you will be home for dinner or if you plan to stay at a friends’ place over night.

Placement Obligation:
Remember you agreed to a placement for a specified length of time with your host family. It is not acceptable to just decide you are leaving or wish to change families. Every effort must be made to ensure that you fulfil your obligation to your family. If you have a difference of opinion or an issue arises that you are uncomfortable with you must attempt to resolve it with your family first and foremost. If problems continue you may need to ask for some assistance from Au Pair Network Australia however this DOES NOT mean that another family will be readily available or that Au Pair Network Australia is obliged to find you another family.

Demi Pair Eligibility

  • You should be enrolled in an English Language course of at least 10 weeks duration.
  • Prepare to be placed for a minimum of three months with your host family. The longest you may stay with a family in the Demi Pair program is 1 year.
  • Your level of English should be of a standard that enables you to communicate adequately with your host family PRIOR to completing your language course.
  • 2 references/letters of recommendation should be provided. These must not be from members of your own family and should include experience with childcare and your suitability to the Demi Pair program.
  • The ability to drive is important in Australia, so a driver’s license is a big plus.
  • First aid training is also beneficial.
  • Ability to swim and also to be able to help another in the water is sometimes required where host family has a pool.
  • You must have a working holiday visa or student visa to be eligible for the Demi Pair program. Please ensure that your country is eligible for these visas.

Expenses and Insurance

  • All costs involved with obtaining passports, relevant visas, travel and medical insurance are to be covered by the Demi Pair unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Demi Pair and the Host Family.
  • If you enter Australia on a Student Visa you will be covered for medical insurance as you have already been required to pay the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) fee.
  • When on a Working Holiday Visa you must ensure you have adequate cover for yourself. This may include cover for health, accident, loss or theft of property, third party civil liability and repatriation.

Host Family Provisions for Demi Pairs

  • A written confirmation of placement with their Demi Pair signed by both parties prior to any travel arrangements being made.
  • A warm welcome into the family environment.
  • A settling period in which guidance, training and support/encouragement are provided without prejudice. Also a written outline of the basic day-to-day duties required of the Demi Pair.
  • A furnished room for the Demi Pairs sole use, and full board (3 meals/7 days a week).
  • Minimum of two full free days a week.
  • Reimbursement of any expenses the Demi Pair may incur while performing her duties. Provided that receipts are presented if required by the family and that any expenses have already been agreed to prior to purchase unless in the event of an emergency.