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Family Information

We understand that childcare centres may not be the best solution for every family and in todays’ changing society where we can no longer rely on extended family due to distance, country relocations or extended working hours, not wishing to push close friendships too far, the convenience of hosting an Au Pair or employing a Nanny may be the perfect solution for your family.


Hosting a live in Au Pair can provide:

  • An extra pair of hands to assist with everyday chores in a busy home environment.
  • Somebody to be home if your child is sick or has a pupil- free day/holidays.
  • Someone to help with cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and tidying away or even walking the dog.
  • An extra person to assist with keeping children’s rooms and toys tidy, bathing kids.
  • Someone available for those inevitable trips to the shop.
  • A babysitter on hand so you get to spend time with your partner. 
  • Company when one partner may work long hours or even away.
  • Much needed support for single parents.


Every family has different needs and requirements and we strive to provide you with an Au Pair most suited to your individual needs.


An Au Pair can be an amazing experience for your children, teaching them about different cultures and languages. You will be left wondering how you ever managed without one!

* We do not place Au pairs with sole charge for children under the age of two years as they are not qualified child care workers.



Demi Pair programme

Demi Pair programs are available for the duration of a students study period. The study period may range between a minimum of 12 weeks up to a maximum of 12 months. Demi Pairs differ to Au Pairs in that they study full-time during the day at their chosen language school and are only available in the family home before and/or after school hours. A Demi Pairs duties may include dressing and feeding the children, supervision of homework/playtime/bath-time and varied household chores.


The Demi Pair will typically be available to the family for 15 hours per week at no extra cost beyond their full bed and board. Extra hours may be agreed upon, however any extra hours required of the Demi Pair should be remunerated at the rate of $12/hour. Every family has different needs and requirements and as an agency we strive to provide you with an Au Pair/ Demi Pair.



Placement process

Step 1: Complete the Application
Complete the Application with your family details, references and preferred placement dates. The completed application pack should include, application form, 2 references, photos of your family and the Host Family Introductory Letter.
The initial application may be completed online, or emailed to us.

Step 2: Lets get started.
Upon receipt of your application we will schedule a time to conduct the Host Family interview, where a deposit of $150 is to be paid. This amount will be deducted from the placement fee on successful placement of a Nanny / Au Pair / Demi Pair /Babysitter or Elderly companion. Should you chose to withdraw your application prior to receiving any Au Pair / Demi Pair profiles this deposit is fully refundable, however withdrawal from the application process after you have received profiles voids this refund policy.

Step 3: Finding your perfect match.
Following completion of both the application and interview, AuPair & Nanny Network Australia will match suitable profiles within our database to your individual family requirements. You may select one or two out of these profiles for a interview. After completion of the interviews you have the option of either selecting an candidate or requesting further profiles from the database.
*Please note the selection process for candidate's is subject to availability, multiple profiles are not always provided.


Step 4: Finalizing your Nanny/Babysitter placement

Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia  act as an Introduction Agency only. When families engage a Nanny they become the employer.

We recommend a contract agreement between both parties to cover all expectations. You will need to discuss with your Nanny her status, if it is as a contractor or employee.


You will need to consider;

  • length of contract including trial period
  • weekly/hourly/annual pay rate
  • Tax/superannuation (You will need to make superannuation contributions on behalf of your employee if your Nanny is working over 30 hours a week.)
  • Days and hours or work including start and finishing times, overtime rates including    public holiday rates.
  • duties
  • leave including sick leave, special leave, annual leave etc
  • *conditions of salary review and termination
  • Insurances, you are required by law to provide Worker’s Compensation for your employee whilst working for you in your home, you may also want your Nanny to take out Nanny insurance for public liability.
    Visit Nannysure for more information.

If your Nanny has a childcare qualification, is over 18 and has a TFN she may be eligible to become a Register Child Carer and you may be able to claim Childcare Benefit (CCB)

Step 4: Finalizing your Au Pair / Demi Pair placement
Once you have chosen an Au Pair / Demi Pair, a confirmation of placement  between the Host Family and the Au Pair / Demi Pair will be prepared stating agreed start dates, base pocket money and basic outline for expected hours of help.

This will be forwarded to both parties for signing.

Payment to Au Pair & Nanny Network Australia is required once you have made your selection and prior to confirmation of any travel plans (of international candidates) or commencement of employment for the Nanny/Babysitter.

You MUST contact us as soon as you have made your decision to avoid the candidates profile going to other families and to protect the interests of both parties.


We provide on going support for both parties.


**Demi Pairs receive a shortened induction as part of their application fee before joining the family.



The Au Pair / Demi Pair is responsible for their travel, visa,and all associated insurance costs.


Placement of Nanny. Agency fees:

Special covid rates to assist our families at this stressful time.

Live in Nanny (6-12 months): $750.00 (less $150 deposit paid)
Live out Nanny, permanent role: $850 (less $150 deposit)
Babysitter/occasional care: $450



Placement of Au Pair:

Based on a standard 6 month placement, fees vary for placements of a lesser time frame


$700.00 AUD (Less deposit of $150 paid at interview stage)

*Changes effective of Jan 2020


*For up to 30 hours a week assistance, We recommend $200
* Completion bonus is at the discretion of the family (currently a minimum of a weeks pocket money) but generally up to $500.
Changes will be effective on all placements from January 2020.


Payable by family upon selection of Au Pair. This can be made via paypal or bank deposit.

"Pocket Money": Minimum of $175.00Aud/week for up to 25 hours plus $12.00 Aud/hour for any additional hours of home help

You must provide Au Pair with full board (own room plus 3 meals a day, 7 days a week for the full duration of your Au pairs placement)


*Recommended one day Orientation at additional cost of $50 per Au pair. (Perth only sorry)

- Placement coordinator and family expectations

- Assistance applying for Australian tax file number and working with children check

- Australian first aid dvd (Spider and snake bites )

- General house work duties

- Introduction to children's activities

Placement of Demi Pair:

Based on a  standard 6 month placement, fees vary for placements of a lesser or greater time frame


$700.00Aud (Less deposit of $150 paid at interview stage)

* Changes effective of 5th Jan 2015

Payable by family upon selection of Demi Pair. This can be made via bank deposit.

Demi Pair provides 15 hours of assistance.

$12.00 Aud/hour for any additional hours.

You must provide Demi Pair with full board (own room plus 3 meals a day, 7 days a week)